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Volume 12 Issue 2, March 2021

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In Memoriam: William I. Norwood Jr (1941-2020)

Published: March 08, 2021.
Pages 161-163


Edward J. Malec; Marshall L. Jacobs

Fate of the Arterial Origin of Major Aortopulmonary Collateral Arteries After Unifocalization

Published: March 08, 2021.
Pages 230-233


P.C. van de Woestijne; J.A.A.E. Cuypers; W.A. Helbing; A.J.J.C. Bogers 

Updating an Empirically Based Tool for Analyzing Congenital Heart Surgery Mortality

Published: March 08, 2021.
Pages 246-281


Marshall L. Jacobs; Jeffrey P. Jacobs; Dylan Thibault; Kevin D. Hill; Brett R. Anderson; Pirooz Eghtesady; Tara Karamlou; S. Ram Kumar; John E. Mayer; Carlos M. Mery; Meena Nathan; David M. Overman; Sara K. Pasquali; James D. St. Louis; David Shahian; Sean M. O’Brien

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