November 2018 Published

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Vol. 9, No. 6 November 2018 Published

Outcomes of Surgical Repair of Complex D-Transposition of the Great Arteries

Anna Olds, BS, Yuki Nakamura, MD, Stephanie Levasseur, MD, Amee Shah, MD, Lindsay Freud, MD, Anjali Chelliah, MD, Paul Chai, MD, Jan Quaegebeur, MD, Emile Bacha, MD, David Kalfa, MD, PhD

Surgery for TGA/VSD/LVOTO—Many Treatment Options for a Heterogeneous and Rare Malformation

Jürgen Hörer, MD

Factors Associated With Interstage Mortality Following Neonatal Single Ventricle Palliation

Bahaaldin Alsoufi, MD, Courtney McCracken, PhD, Lazaros K. Kochilas, MD, Martha Clabby, MD, Kirk Kanter, MD

Maternal Distress and Infant Social Withdrawal (ADBB) Following Infant Cardiac Surgery for Congenital Heart Disease

Jennifer M. Re, PhD, Suzanne Dean, PhD, Jimmy Mullaert, MD, PhD, Antoine Guedeney, MD, Samuel Menahem, MD

Long-Term Outcome of Direct Relief of Subaortic Stenosis in Single Ventricle Patients

Friso M. Rijnberg, MD, Vladimir Sojak, MD, PhD, Nico A. Blom, MD, PhD, Mark G. Hazekamp, MD, PhD

Pulmonary Autograft Mitral Valve Replacement (Ross II): Long-Term Follow-Up of a US Center

David Blitzer, MD, Jeremy L. Herrmann, MD, John W. Brown, MD

Antiplatelet Effect of Ketorolac in Children After Congenital Cardiac Surgery

John S. Kim, MD, MS, Jon Kaufman, MD, Sonali S. Patel, MD, PhD, Marilyn Manco-Johnson, MD, Jorge Di Paola, MD, Eduardo M. da Cruz, MD

Wide Dissection and Intercostal Vessel Division Allows for Repair of Hypoplastic Aortic Arch Through Thoracotomy

Néstor F. Sandoval, MD, Catalina Vargas Acevedo, MD, Juan Bernardo Umaña, MD, Ivonne Pineda, NB, MSE, Albert Guerrero, MD, Carlos Obando, MD, Juan P. Umaña, MD, Jaime Camacho, MD

Sacrificing Collateral Arteries in Infant Coarctation Surgery Is Probably Safe…, But Being of No Absolute Need, Why Should We Do It?

José Fragata, MD, PhD, FETCS, FESC

Incremental History of the Congenital Heart Surgeons’ Society (2014-2018)

Constantine Mavroudis, MD, James K. Kirklin, MD, William M. DeCampli, MD

Anatomy of the Functionally Univentricular Heart

Robert H. Anderson, BSc, MD, PhD, FRCPath, FRCS Ed, Rodney C. G. Franklin, MD, FRCP, Diane E. Spicer, BS

Comprehensive Management Considerations of Select Noncardiac Organ Systems in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit

Christin Huff, MSN, RN, CPNP-AC, Christopher W. Mastropietro, MD, Christine Riley, MSN, RN, ARPN, Jonathan Byrnes, MD, David M. Kwiatkowski, MD, Misty Ellis, DNP, APRN, CPNP-AC/PC, Jennifer Schuette, MD, MS, Lindsey Justice, DNP, RN, CPNP-AC

Fluid Management With Peritoneal Dialysis After Pediatric Cardiac Surgery

Matthew F. Barhight, MD, Danielle Soranno, MD, Sarah Faubel, MD, Katja M. Gist, DO, MSCS

Images of Pediatric and Congenital Heart Disease No Access Rare Cause for a Continuous Murmur: Large Left Coronary Artery to Coronary Sinus Fistula

Shankar Baskar, MD, Russel Hirsch, MD, Adam W. Powell, MD, Devin Tinker, MSN, APRN, CNP, Thomas R. Kimball, MD

Isolated Left Innominate Artery: Diagnosis of a Rare Aortic Arch Anomaly

Andrew D. Spearman, MD, Viktor Hraska, MD, Benjamin H. Goot, MD

Percutaneous Transhepatic Fontan-Kreutzer Completion of Hepatic Vein Inclusion

Ignacio Juaneda, MD, Alejandro Peirone, MD, Adolfo Ferrero Guadagnoli, MD, Alejandro Contreras, MD, Santiago Orozco, MD, Juan Diaz, MD, Christian Kreutzer, MD

An Unusual Combination of Truncus Arteriosus, Interrupted Aortic Arch, and Hypoplastic Left Ventricle

Supreet P. Marathe, MCh, Sanjeev H. Naganur, DM, Sabarinath Menon, MCh, Yishay Orr, FRACS, Stephen G. Cooper, FRACP, David S. Winlaw, FRACS

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