Interview with Dr. Aldo Castaneda (Full)

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Aldo R. Castañeda is a pioneer in pediatric cardiac surgery. He has been a vigorous supporter of early correction of complex cardiac malformations in infants and newborns. These efforts culminated in the successful repair of transposition in neonates, giving rise to the modern era of neonatal cardiac surgery. Under his mentorship William Norwood developed the Norwood operation for hypoplastic left heart syndrome.

Dr. Castañeda received his training at the University of Guatemala and the University of Minnesota. Upon completion, he remained at Minnesota as a faculty member. In 1972 he accepted an appointment as Cardiac Surgeon-in-Chief at The Children’s Hospital in Boston and Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School. From 1981 to 1994 he served as Surgeon-in-Chief at The Children’s Hospital. Dr. Castañeda’s many contributions to pediatric cardiac surgery are remarkable and well documented in his more than 400 scientific articles and two books.

Dr. Castañeda’s work has spanned the globe. Upon retirement he returned to Guatemala and developed one of the most successful programs for pediatric cardiac surgery in Central America. More than forty of Dr. Castañeda’s trainees have served as chiefs of Pediatric Cardiac Units at institutions across the globe. In 2006 he was appointed to the Pediatric Cardiology Hall of Fame.

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